Writing Center

Academic Support Center, SSC L282

The Writing Center is located inside the Academic Support Center. It is equipped with 12 computers, tables and chairs, and assorted reference materials. Students may use the Writing Center any time the Academic Support Center is open, but staff are available to assist with writing only at designated and posted hours.

  • This work area is a place where everyone—students, faculty and staff—are welcome to write and/or talk about their writing.
  • It is a space where writer's groups meet.
  • It is a space where any member of the college can find people, staff and other writers, who will advise them on any aspect of their writing.

Writing Center staff members will not simply proofread papers and will not assist individual writers over long periods of time. They will offer feedback about writing, answer specific questions, and direct writers to appropriate resources, including other writers. The Writing Center does not offer individual tutoring sessions. Writing Center staff members may refer a student to an individual appointment to focus on problems with grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

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More information is available in the Writing Center brochure.

The Academic Support Center recommends that students Come Prepared.

No Appointment is necessary in the Walk-In Writing Center


Last Update: September 03 2014
For Additional Information Contact: Brian Cleary