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Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships at Manchester Community College

Manchester Community College is a college of opportunity. With its policy of open admissions, all students -- of any age -- who possess the desire to pursue higher education are welcome.

For many students, however, the desire to learn isn't enough. Financial aid helps many students meet their tuition and fee obligations, but scholarships can make the critical difference for scores of students each year. If a scholarship could increase your chances of successfully completing a course of study at MCC, please consider the following:

Who Can Apply?

The MCC Scholarship program awards both merit and need-based scholarships. Students may earn a scholarship based on financial constraints, academic excellence, outstanding merit, service to the College and community, or a combination of these factors. Scholarships may be available for one or both semesters, and the awards range from $50 to more than $1,000. Returning students are eligible to apply for scholarships, and both degree and certificate-track students will be considered. Scholarships may be awarded to full-time or part-time students and, while a GPA of 3.0 or better is required, progress in academics is considered.

How to Apply

Scholarship applications are available from the Office of Institutional Development in the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, for awards to be made in the following semester.

All applications must be completed in full and accompanied by a recommendation form and a formal letter of recommendation. Students who have not applied for financial aid must submit a W-2 or official financial statement.

Each student must also submit a formal essay, as detailed on the application form.

Each semester, the Office of Institutional Development holds a Scholarship Orientation Workshop; all students considering applying for a scholarship are encouraged to attend. Only one application per student, per semester is necessary; applicants are considered by the appropriate selection committees for all scholarships for which they are eligible.

One Final Note

Many of the scholarships awarded through the Foundation each year are funded by the generosity of MCC alumni and other friends of the College. Students who receive a named scholarship are strongly urged to write a letter of thanks to the donor who created the award, letting him or her know the impact the scholarship has had on their academic career. The Office of Institutional Development will gladly work with each scholarship recipient to ensure that the donor is properly thanked.

MCC students receiving an associate degree and transferring to Central Connecticut State University, Eastern Connecticut State University or the Unversity of Hartford may be eligible to recieve a scholarship from those institutions. Contact the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for more information.
Last Update: April 14 2014
For additional information, contact: Diana Reid