The Facility

The 3,700 square-foot Fitness Center is located on the first floor of the Lowe Building and is open to students faculty and staff, and members of the community. The Center features a fitness studio, a resistance and cardiovascular equipment room, an athletic training facility and men's and women's locker rooms.

The Locker Rooms include daily use lockers, private showers, and Detecto scales.

The Cardio/Weight Room, L154, houses both resistance and cardiovascular equipment. It has an area for stretching, is temperature controlled with ceiling fans and central HVAC, and is mirrored on one wall.


Selectorized Resistance Equipment:

  • Cybex Adjustable Seated Leg Press
  • Cybex Prone Leg Curl
  • Cybex Seated Leg Extension
  • Icarian Seated Vertical Row
  • Icarian Seated Chest Press
  • Icarian Chest Fly/ Rear Delt

Free Weights:
  • 2 Flat Benches
  • 1 Superbench
  • 1 Adjustable Ab Bench
  • 1 Seated Preacher Curl
  • 1 Squat Rack
  • 1 Smith Machine
  • 2 Three Way Press Bench
  • 3- 7' Olympic Bars
  • 2 Olympic Easy Curl Bars
  • Jade Barbells: 2.5-45 lbs.
  • Jade Rubber Dumbbells: 5-75 lbs
  • Icarian 10-Station Cable Machine with 14 Accessory Attachments

Cardiovascular Equipment:
  • 2 Precor Elliptical Crosstrainers with Heart Rate Monitors
  • 1 Precor Climber with Heart Rate Monitor
  • 1 Precor Upright Bike with Heart Rate Monitor
  • 2 Precor Recumbent Bikes with Heart Rate Monitor
  • 2 Precor Low Impact Treadmills with Heart Rate Monitors
  • 1 Precor Adapted Motion Trainer with Heart Rate Monitor

The Fitness Studio, Room L155, has a suspended hardwood floor, a mirrored wall, a state-of-the-art audio system , overhead fans and access to:

  • Jump Ropes of various sizes
  •  Dumbbells (1 lb. to 12 lbs.)
  • Body Bars (9 to 15 lbs.)
  • Zumba®Toning Sticks
  • Individual Mats
  • Stability and Medicine Balls of various sizes
  • Resistance Bands and Tubing
  • Yoga Blocks and Straps
  • Rebounders
  • Step Platforms and Risers
  • Kettlebells
  • Power Training Ropes
  • Sandbags
  • TRX® Suspension Trainers
  • Bosu® Balance Trainers
  • Foam Rollers
  • Group Weight Training Equipment
Last Update: May 21 2014
For additional information, contact Allison MacKenzie.