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Free Computer Application

All MCC Students Can Apply!

A unique program is taking surplus computers that are no longer needed by the College or private donors and is reconditioning them so that MCC students can use them to further their educational goals.

Computers will come installed with Windows XP Pro, Visio, One Note, Project, Open Office, and Ubuntu. Specifications on specific computers may vary, but they all will have enough memory, storage and performance for Internet access and desktop applications.

To apply, complete the form below. A lottery will be held once a month to disperse the reconditioned computers. Students need apply only once to be considered in each month’s lottery. No lotteries will be held during summer and winter breaks.

Sponsored by Manchester Community College, the MCC Foundation, and MCC’s Computer Repair and Share Club.

Have a computer to donate? Download the computer donation form or contact for more information. Continued donations will help sustain this program and the environment by getting technology in the hands of MCC student.

All students are equally eligible regardless to the answer to the following question:
Are you currently enrolled in a business, science, technology, engineering, math or continuing education computer course?

 Yes No  I certify that I am not a Connecticut State Employee.  I agree to the Terms and Conditions.