Division of Student Affairs

G. Duncan Harris, Ed.D.
Dean of Student Affairs
Umesh Vig
Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs
Shelley Craig
Administrative Assistant

I would like to welcome you to Division of Student Affairs webpage. The services provided by our division are designed to support students "from the parking lot to graduation." Below, you’ll find more information about the services provided by our division.

The areas within our division are intimately connected with your academic and personal success and the attainment of the goals you have established for yourself. If you do your part, which is: 1) work hard and 2) be a committed and contributing member of this learning community, we’ll do ours: support your efforts at MCC.


G. Duncan Harris, Ed.D.
Dean of Student Affairs
Manchester Community College


The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to contribute to the intellectual, personal, professional, cultural and social development of students. This is accomplished, in partnership with all divisions of the college, by providing co-curricular programs, experiences and essential support services that fulfill the mission of the institution.

Student Affairs Annual Reports

Statement on Ethical Principles and Standards

The Manchester Community College Division of Student Affairs adheres to the guidelines of ethical principles and standards adopted by the American College Personnel Association (ACPA).

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Lowe 287

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Last Update: March 19 2014
For additional information, contact: K. Umesh Vig