College Career Pathways

Who is a College Career Pathways student?

The College Career Pathways program is designed to benefit every high school student regardless of their career goal.  Because College Career Pathways combines applied academic and career skills, students will benefit from the program whether they choose to continue their education or enter the workforce immediately after high school.  Students interested in an alternative program of study that focuses on skills required for a successful career in a highly competitive field are the ideal candidates.

How does College Career Pathways work?

Students join the College Career Pathways program, typically during their freshman year of high school, by developing a Plan of Study with their guidance counselor.  Plans of Study typically include core courses in the freshman year, and include clusters of career courses during the sophmore, junior and senior years.  Many students can earn college credit for sophmore, junior and senior level courses.  

How is this possible?

One of the underlying ideas behind College Career Pathways is not to repeat competencies. Manchester Community College specifies high school courses and determines if the curriculum is equivalent to that taught at the college.  If so, the course is added to the list of College Career Pathways courses articulated with that particular high school.  After completing the chosen cluster of courses and graduating from high school, College Career Pathways students may request an official transcript from MCC or they can view their unofficial transcript on-line.  They are able to continue their education at MCC or they may attend another college of their choice.

What are the College Career Pathways program's acceptance criteria?

Students must:
  • Maintain an overall grade average of C or better
  • Meet attendance requirements as set by the individual high school
  • Receive parent or guardian approval
  • Receive school administrative approval
  • Earn a recommendation from a guidance counselor

Important Policies

Policy for Awarding Credit to College Career Pathways Students

Sophmores, juniors and seniors in consortium high schools are eligible to become College Career Pathways students and to receive up to 14 CCP credits if they follow the procedures of the program.  All College Career Pathways students must complete a Manchester Community College Career Pathways Admissions application to be enrolled as a College Career Pathways student and receive college credit for articulated courses.

Students must appear on a course roster for an articulated course.

The high school teacher for the articulated course must submit a grade of C or better for the student to the college by July 1 of the academic year the student completes the course.  Articulated courses in the Business Office Technology program and courses articulated with ACC 115: Financial Accounting and MAT 138: Intermediate Algebra: A Modeling Approach require a submitted grade of B or better in order to merit credit.  Credit for MAT 138 also requires that the student achieve a score of 35 or higher on the College Level Mathematics portion of the Accuplacer test, a score of 22 or higher on the ACT Math Test, or a score of 550 or better on the mathematics portion of the SAT.

If a student believes that there has been an error or omission in their College Career Pathways grade record, they must notify the college Registrar no later than the September 1 after their graduation date in order to apply for corrections.

If a student has a Manchester Community College Career Pathways Admissions application on file and applies for corrections within this time period, the college will consider changes/additions to the student’s record if accompanied by a high school transcript documenting the student’s achievement in the articulated course, and a letter from the College Career Pathways Coordinator or a guidance counselor at the high school verifying the student’s status as a College Career Pathways student.

If at any time a College Career Pathways student requests a correction to their records and it can be determined by the presence of a Manchester Community College Career Pathways Admissions application and a roster on file at MCC from the high school documenting the award of a grade to that student, the record will be immediately corrected.

MAT138 Credit Policy  

Students who have completed a MCC College Career Pathways application and appear on the course roster submitted by the high school, and who achieve a score of 35 or higher on the College Level Mathematics portion of the Accuplacer test will be eligible to receive three college credits for MAT 138.  Students must also receive a grade of B or better in the articulated course at the high school to receive academic credit from the college.  As an alternative to the Accuplacer, students who score at the level of 550 or better on the math portion of the SAT test, or earn a score of 22 or higher on the ACT Math Test, and meet all the other above criteria will be awarded credit for MAT 138.

Students must take the Accuplacer test on the date(s) specified by the college.  Requests for exceptions will be considered only if the student has a compelling reason for missing the scheduled test date, makes arrangements to take the test on a date regularly scheduled by the college, and submits test scores to the College Career Pathways Coordinator before July 1st after they complete the course.  Students who choose to submit a SAT or ACT score must do so before the next July 1st after they complete the course.

All questions, submissions of test scores, and requests for exceptions should be directed to:

Jim Balcome
College Career Pathways Coordinator
Manchester Community College
Last Update: November 27 2012
For additional information, contact: Robert Henderson