Have You Considered MCC?

Manchester Community College is the ideal place for students to start their college career. But, maybe you think that MCC isn’t for you. Here are a few concerns we hear every day:

College isn’t for me.

College can be for almost anyone. A successful college experience mainly requires a desire to learn and a willingness to work hard. MCC’s testing process ensures that new students are placed in the college courses that are right for them, and its team of counselors and advisors work with every new student on choosing courses, considering career paths, and deciding on a major.

I’d like to go to college, but I can’t afford it.

The Connecticut community colleges are the most affordable educational institutions in the state, and financial aid and scholarship opportunities are ample. MCC’s Financial Aid staff works with students every day to help them budget their expenses, apply for aid, and determine a payment plan. There are loan and grant programs, also, work-study opportunities help many students pay for their education.

I want to get a bachelor’s degree.

Earning a bachelor’s degree can be easier than you think when you start your education at MCC. MCC has guaranteed admissions compacts with both Eastern and UConn, and MCC graduates have gone on to get bachelor’s degrees from all of the state’s universities, Trinity, the University of Hartford, St. Joseph’s College and many colleges and universities outside of Connecticut. MCC’s has a strong liberal arts program and Counselors help students get the transfer credit they deserve for their MCC coursework.

A four-year school is the only choice for me.

The truth is, four-year schools don’t take four years any more. Most students are finding it takes nine or even 10 semesters to finish a bachelor’s degree – an unexpected increase of 20 percent over the anticipated cost of their college education. MCC offers a wide range of first and second year courses both during the winter intersession and the summer break, so students can pick up additional credits at their convenience, and finish their bachelor’s degree in four years, not five.

I need a career, not a bachelor’s degree.

MCC offers a wide range of career programs that result in either a certificate or associate degree. Certificates, which generally can be completed in one to two years, provide a solid background for entry-level positions in a number of fields. And with an associate degree – in disciplines like allied health, culinary, paralegal, criminal justice, and more than 40 others – students demonstrate they have the knowledge and experience to attain a high-paying job. In addition to the practical experience built into each career program, MCC’s Cooperative Education and Career Services offices help students find their dream job – both while in school and after graduation.

I'm too old to go to college.

MCC has a special program for people who have been away from the academic environment for several years.   We help 'non-traditional' students cope with the stress and changes involved in returning to school after a long absence by providing several special services. For more information, go to to our Adults In Transition (AIT) page.

I'm not sure I'm ready for college level course work.

The good news is that MCC has a national award-winning summer program that helps new students prepare to start college with a strong foundation. During this summer STARS Program students earn four college credits in an intensive six weeks. Many students then move up one or more levels in English placement for the fall semester. STARS is free for those who qualify.   Check us out for more details and contact information!

Not Convinced?

Community colleges are an important sector of American higher education. Today over 10 million students attend the more than 1,100 community colleges throughout the United States. Since their beginnings 100 years ago, community colleges have offered a unique educational opportunity for transfer, vocational training, and community service. The underlying principles of access and equity are at the core of their mission.

MCC is the ideal place for students starting their college career. Here are some reasons why students select a community college, particularly MCC.

Qualified and Accessible Faculty

At MCC, faculty members' primary responsibility is teaching, not research and publishing. Many professors also have extensive practical experience in the subjects they teach. Faculty are accessible to students through office hours and advising and also act as sponsors to clubs and organizations.

Class Size

Small classes are an important attribute of community colleges. This makes MCC a great place for students who like small classes and individualized attention. They won't be a number or get lost in the crowd.


MCC offers over 80 degrees and certificates. Students can prepare for an immediate career or pursue the first two years of general academic course work required for a bachelor's degree. Honors programs allow students to take rigorous courses supplemented by special opportunities. They can also work toward a degree that they started elsewhere. Community colleges have taken a leadership role in career programs by preparing students for occupations in both existing and emerging technologies.


At MCC, flexible course schedules allow students to fit their studies around work or home commitments. They are usually within easy commuting distance by car or public transportation. We are also on the forefront of distance learning programs, which enable students to complete course work off campus.


College is about learning new ideas, meeting new people, and having varied experiences. At MCC, students will be introduced to a diverse group of students in terms of age, experience, abilities, ethnicity, and goals. There is a wide spectrum of clubs and activities that celebrate and support the diversity that exists on campus and athletics, student government, campus publications, and cultural events all thrive on student involvement.


Community colleges are committed to meeting the wants and needs of their communities and its people, giving each a unique local focus. As an important resource in the greater Manchester community, MCC offers both credit and noncredit courses, technical training, and also recreational, social, and cultural programs. The College has developed partnership programs with businesses and often serves as learning centers for local employers. MCC works collaboratively with the local primary and secondary schools, as well as civic and government groups.

Connection to Baccalaureate Institutions

Many students begin their undergraduate studies at a community college and finish at a baccalaureate college. Studies show that students who spend their first two years at a community college and then go on to graduate from four-year colleges are as well prepared academically as those who go directly to four-year colleges. MCC has formed exciting partnerships with UConn and ECSU to ease this transfer. Articulation agreements with other colleges and universities, detailing courses and programs for transfer, are growing in number, and Counselors are available to assist students in the transfer process.


Technology plays a critical role in MCC's growth and development. Computer labs are plentiful and accessible, offering state-of-the-art equipment and programs. And, training for high tech workers often happens at community colleges.


MCC is committed to student success, offering a comprehensive array of support services that include tutoring, advising, career planning, and counseling. Plus, through developmental courses, students can improve skills in math, English and college success skills.


Solid cost savings is one of the major benefits of attending a community college. The low tuition cost makes a quality education available to many who may not have had access in the past. One semester of tuition at MCC is less than the price of a good computer system. And, for students in need of assistance, financial aid, grants, loans and scholarships are available too!


Many people who began their higher education at a community college have gone on to make significant contributions and to achieve recognition in a variety of fields. Many leaders in communications, government, entertainment, business, and sciences were once community college students. The education they received prepared them for the changing world in which they live today.

We hope that you can see the many benefits of attending Manchester Community College, and recognize that MCC's faculty and staff are committed to your college success. Applications are being accepted from new students now . Students can apply online at www.online.commnet.edu or obtain an application by contacting the Admissions office at 860-512-3210 for more information. You could be on your way to a new future starting today.

Come to Campus

Open House

The Open House is held in April. Students and their parents are invited to attend to learn about degree, cerificate and credit-free programs; on-campus, online and hybrid courses; and the accelerated College by Design. Attend a workshop on Admissions and Finanacial Aid, and particpate in a campus tour. Registration is requested, but not required.

Information Sessions

Admissions Information Sessions will be held on most Tuesday evenings, 5:30 - 6:30 pm in the Community Commons room in the Great Path Academy building. See the Admissions page for the current schedule.

Learn more about the admissions process, tour the campus and find out about financial aid, registration and more than 70 degree and certificate programs. Pre-registration is requested, but not required.

Last Update: March 01 2013
For additional information, contact: Umesh Vig